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Edenvale Electrics – Our Prices


Transparent Pricing

My prices are fixed, I do not barter, therefore once a quote is given, that’s it.

Most people like a fixed price, however, some people like to pay by the day, or the hour.

My hourly rates are shown below. 

  • £50.00 per hour (Monday – Saturday)
  • £65.00 per hour Sundays & Bank holidays
  • £250.00 day rate
  • £65.00 per hour between 8pm and 8am

All pricing will be based on the above, plus materials.

NO VAT is payable.

I also offer an emergency response for the Torbay area. If you require response any time the same day then the normal day rates apply. 

If you require a response within 2 hours, then the rates below apply;

8am – 8pm

  • £65.00 per hour (Monday – Friday)
  • £80.00 per hour (Sundays & Bank Holidays)

8pm – 8am

  • £80.00 per hour

All pricing will be based on the above, plus materials.

No VAT is payable.

It may be better to call my mobile for emergency response.

If I don’t answer straight away I may be in a loft, or under a floor. I will always call you back.

You are welcome to send a text with your details as well and I will call you back.

If you call at night, please forgive me as I am a bit groggy at first.

Mobile: 07982 908 815

Get 2 or 3 quotes For Any Job.

There are good tradesmen out there, and I am happy to lose a quote to them if it means you get a good price.

I would suggest though that you check them on the “Competent Person Register”.

If they are not shown, then they should not be working in your property.

Are They Registered?

You may find some electrical installers who are not registered, who get a friend who is registered to sign the work off for them. Amazingly this is legal, but I wouldn’t sign anyone elses work off. I believe this is wrong and is a disaster waiting to happen.

There are normally good reasons why someone isn’t registered!

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