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About Peter Hope & Edenvale Electrics

Peter Hope – The man behind Edenvale Electrics (NICEIC Registered Approved Contractor AC609382)

Edenvale Electrics was formed in March 2014 when I decided to ‘go it alone…’ Before this,  I was employed as the Qualified Electrical Supervisor at my previous employer.

I felt I was at the right stage in my career to set up my own business and ‘go it alone’. It has proven repeatedly to have been the right decision. Minimal advertising, but a great deal of word of mouth recommendations have brought me an abudance of work.

When people find a good tradesman, that they trust to do the work and not charge the earth, they tend to shout about it to their friends and family, as I have happily discovered.

Ethics – and why you should use a qualified electrician.

You will find lower rates out there, but you need to ask yourself, and them, “are they Competently Skilled Electrically, up to date with new industry standards and do they they have insurance?”

It’s never worth cutting corners.

Sometimes, what appears to be the cheaper option initially, does not end up being the cheaper option in the long run, especially if you then have to pay to call someone else out to put things right.

Invariably, people with a lower pricing structure have much lower overheads. That bears the questions of ‘what aren’t they paying for?’ and ‘what corners are they cutting?’

Are they Registered, Qualified, insured and do they have the correct testing equipment?

“It might take a less skilled person 3 days to complete a job, whereas it could take me just 2 days”

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