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I Passed!

Just had result through on a 3 hour written exam I did in November called the 2396. It’s a City & Guilds Level 4 Electrical Design Exam .

This isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ for this qualification as I still need to complete the 80 hour project, which I am ploughing through.

I will let you know how i do.


60% Fail Rate

To say I am happy is an understatement. This is a notorious exam in the electrical world and only the most experienced and competent electricians can go for it. According to the chief examiners report that I managed to get a hold of, 60% of those who took this exam failed. This really doesn’t surprise me.

To put it in a more positive light, it only has a 40% pass rate for the written part of the exam, and I am one of the 40%

Sorry if I sound like a big head, but I don’t care as I am really chuffed. I did a lot of study to get this one as I new it was going to be hard.

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