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“Are your electrics prepared….?”


We are coming up to that time of the year. The busy summer season. Holiday let’s, bed & breakfasts and hotels getting ready for that massive influx of guests.

The big question no one is asking, “are your electrics prepared?”

Not something a lot of people think about, but it’s that hidden magic source of power that makes our tv work and allows us to see at night that we cannot do without for even 15 minutes.

Sorry got carried away with my creative writing( if you can call it creative).


Anyway as I was saying are your electrics prepared? Do you need an electrical installation condition report done? EICR for short.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is an inspection on the condition of an existing electrical installation, to identify (in order of priority) any deficiencies against the national safety standard for electrical installations.

At present EICR’s are not a legally requirement. However most local authorities do insist on them if you have a business that takes in guests or have a house of multiple occupation (HMO).

And There Is More….

But even though EICR’s are not legally required the owner of the business does have a legal duty of care to ensure the electrics are safe within the premises. This comes under the Electricity at Work Regulation1989.

“May be made compulsory next year…..”

Confused! You will be. There are talks at present that may mean that EIRC’s are going to be made compulsory in the new 18th edition wiring regulations book next year. This is not confirmed yet and may not happen.

But, ( second time I’ve started a sentence with “but”) even if it’s not compulsory a responsible business owner would get this done.

Have a think about it…. and if you have any questions then why not get in touch now for a no obligtion chat.

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